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Welcome To A Delight Production

A Delight Production delivers commercial and personal visual media services and products, such as photography and professional video recording, film, photographic and industrial documentation, on-camera auditions and acting reels, commercial, fashion and editorial photography, digital and non-linear editing and post-production services. Our company offers a full-range of digital-media, photographic, film and video production services and support to a broad client base.

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Adjua at desk editing photos
A Delight Production Staff on set performing video production

Services that are above par; on target and on-time

We go the extra mile to produce photos that exceed your expectations. We ensure you get quality photos under any circumstances.

Our seasoned crew produces content and shooting footage under any condition sparking new ideas and generating intrigue for your brand.

We create a more dramatic and powerful product corresponding with your overall vision to ensure your happiness with the final product.

Automatic creation of backup copies to improve the ease with which you can categorize and store your treasured memories.

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Our Working Process

A meeting is scheduled to allow for a full logistical and technical needs assessment from concept to completion. The five stages would be: planning, pre-production, production, post-production, and delivery.


Rigorous and centralized documentation also called a wrap binder, is where all documents, files, and forms associated with production will be stored. This will include budget, call sheets, and production overages.


Client is educated and prepared in the techniques such as interviews, on-camera presence for ads, on-camera technique for actors, best look for head shots and portfolios, and so forth.


Yes. ADP will take stills of each sequence of scenes throughout the entire script shot list on a film set and progress stills of construction configuration and architectural design progress.

Yes, provided the company includes a compatible cataloging management software, we will catalog the work. We use the industry standard post-production editing tools

We also provide standard licensed music, if requested. All music must be license protected.

Yes, this fits under the category of post-processing, photo editing which includes customization and photo retouching.

We use the industry standard, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Adobe Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, etc.

Colorization is an additional feature by request of the client.

The standard turnover of a one day photography shoot unedited is two to three days. For more detail, please specify any post-processing services which will determine a specific turnover timeframe.

We create the customization settings and send off to a third-party print lab for finishing and mounting.

Two 8x10 headshot prints – smile with and without teeth.

“Up to speed, Ahead of the Game and On Track”.

Founded in 2010, the company’s goal is to assess the media needs of individuals and businesses. In doing so, A Delight Production delivers an excellent commercial and personal visual media product. The company offers photography and digital film production which includes documenting of events, people, recording auditions, reels for actors, commercial products, photo retouching, non-linear editing and capturing moments in time. We also offer progress photography and construction video documentation. My interest lies in telling compelling stories of true events, deeply imbued in history and daunting cinematography.

Adjua Mantebea Owner & CEO
Adjua with camera on beach
Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Adjua Mantebea to handle and exceptionally complete any visual media services requested. As a dedicated and knowledgeable professional and small business owner, I know that she will be a beneficial asset to your project.
Paul Rose