Documentation & Archival

It’s Not What You Know

It’s Where It’s Stored

We make the process easy, efficient, and highly rewarding for our clients.

State-Of-The-Art Digital Archives

We utilize a wide variety of digitization equipment and customized workflows to match the size, condition and format of the asset to be digitized. Photographs, documents, audio, film, video, and three-dimensional objects are some examples.

We Make Your Archive Web Accessible

Our digital archive solutions help authorized users easily view, find, download and share archival information. This creates efficiencies, puts valuable content into the hands of people who can better collaborate and lowers operating costs.

A Discovery Process That Gets Results

No matter whether the assets are stored in storage units, boxes or “grandpa’s attic,” we will design a strategy to identify the best content to make up your digital archive. This process includes connecting with various departments, and key stakeholders that may hold assets within a different area, resource or type of storage environment.

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